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Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Class A Smash!

Held my first Zentangle class this past Tuesday, 11/13. It was so much fun! I had twelve students, all friends - which made my maiden voyage so much more enjoyable. Everybody had a good time, and I spotted at least three people who were definitely hooked! :)

I thought of a couple of things I wish I'd said or done after everyone left, and I also wished for more time. My future classes will be two hours, which will be better. One of the things I wish I had had time to show them was how to draw Onamato or Perlz. They are one of my favorite tangle patterns (a pearl shape), and I use them frequently to fill in odd shaped spaces.  Onamato is an original Zentangle® pattern by Maria Thomas, but the step out instructions are found here on Sandy Steen Bartholomew's blog, Beez In The Belfry (♥ her!). I use both black and white pearls in lots of my tangles. I love 'em! I also love the way Maria used them in her tangle pattern Purk, demonstrated here in a video on I used Purk as the north point on my compass rose (which you can see on my "My Tangles" tab). 

I had so much fun, and it was particularly special to me to see so many of my good friends at once and at my house! Thank you for coming and for supporting my new endeavor. I love each of you too much!
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  1. Congratulations Ann on your wonderful class, yes the time goes fast I think 2 hrs is the best also.