Deep Magic Tangles

Saturday, January 26, 2013

To Infinity...and BEYOND!

I held a Beyond the Basics class last weekend with a Fantastic Foursome! These lovely ladies all attended an Introduction to Zentangle Class held at Hobby Lobby East in December, and decided they wanted more. More Zentangle is my favorite thing! They scheduled a Class Party, and our Hostess With The Mostess, Terrie Parsons, received her class FREE!  Each student received a Tangle To Go case which contained 2 white Zentangle tiles, 2 black Zentangle tiles, a round prestrung Zendala tile, and a white Gelly Roll Pen. These CD size cases are perfect to slip into your purse or pocket to take anywhere.

Working with a group of friends is always fun. They had a blast and so did I!

They requested the Private Lesson package (scroll down on this linked page to read about private lessons), so we tangled away for three hours! They had been practicing, so we were able to cover a lot of ground. I taught them more than a dozen tangles. They learned, Paradox, Betweed, Mooka, Flukes, Zander, Coil, Pokeleaf, Linked, Msst, Sand Swirl, Featherfall, Vertigogh, and XYP. I also showed them how to use pearls (beads) as a beautiful filler, decorative border, or pretty dangles. What fun! 

They all got a chance to try their new Gelly Roll Pens on the marvelous black tiles. You can see Sonja's (far left) beautiful "Featherfall" on the black tile. I love Featherfall...and these great gals!

These ladies are already planning another Class Party to learn Zentangle + Lettering. As always, all supplies are included, and each student takes home a project suitable for framing, displaying, or giving as a gift!

CONTACT ME to schedule your own Class Party, Private Lesson,  or to register for a class at Hobby Lobby East or the Mulvane Recreation Center

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little More Phicops...

A little more phicops, if you please! I love all the phicops tangles I've been seeing all over Pinterest and Blogland! I took another stab at it and finally feel like I'm getting it. I really love nautical and shell-like tangles. I adore seashells, and would have a houseful if I lived near the sea.

Undah Da Sea!

Thanks B-rad and Laura Harms at the Diva Weekly Challenge on Laura's wildly popular Zentangle® Blog I Am The Diva

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tangle Patterns Guide 2013

The lovely Linda Farmer, of, has completed the Tangle Pattern Guide 2013! For a modest donation of $12 per year, Linda will send you the download for the PDF version and the online version of this invaluable tool.

 There are nearly 500 tangle patterns, with step-out instructions, in this guide. For the online version, simply click on the tangle for which you want to see instructions, and, voila! There they are. Linda's wonderful website,, is the storehouse for all these tangles and their instructions, just a click away.
Many of the tangles found on this site were created by Zentangle® founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, and you will see links to their newsletter - which you can sign up to receive free via email.

Here is my offering for this week's Diva Challenge - "Phicops"

Tangle On!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Tangling In The New Year

I held my first class of 2013 last night. Five lovely ladies and one terrific young lady - what a great bunch! They were an enthusiastic, entertaining group, given to much wit and laughter, which made for a really fun evening.

This class was Introduction To Zentangle, and was a party, which always enhances the Fun Factor! The delightful hostess warmly welcomed us with a beautiful array of snacks and beverages - an altogether perfect party! She lives in a loft apartment in Old Town, so I was excited to get a chance to see one of them! It's so cool, and she is a Decorator Extraordinaire. Bonus: she received her class FREE for hosting a class party. Thanks, D.!

They all had a good time and their Zentangles were wonderful! Thanks, girls! Hoping to see some of you at Beyond The Basics coming up at the Mulvane Recreation Center!


Wouldn't you like to book a class party for a group of friends?
It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Way more. I don't care for monkeys.