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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learning to Network

I recently met the delightful president of the Derby Arts Council, Cheryl Bannon. She was intrigued by my Zentangle® art, and invited me to submit a piece for the upcoming art auction. This auction serves as a fundraiser for the Derby Community Foundation, and takes place at an annual gala event called "Uncorked".
Here is the piece I donated...

"There's No Place Like Home"

In exchange for the donation of art, I will receive a free ticket to the "Uncorked" gala. I'm hopeful about meeting some folks that may be able to help propel me to fame and least spread the word around town that I offer Zentangle® classes.

I wonder if this hand-wringy, insecure, uncomfortable, embarrassed feeling will ever go away? I wonder if other people who draw (see? I find it virtually impossible to call myself an...artist) have this gnawing, deep-seated need for approval? This fear of rejection and vexing consciousness of...exposure?  

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