Deep Magic Tangles

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Helloooo! I'm Still Alive!

I don't even know how to explain why I haven't posted in...gulp..over three years. I don't really have to explain to you, though, do I? You know. You know, because your life is just like mine. So we'll just move along, OK??

I haven't been creating much this year. Been a tough year, and my creative bone has been, well, a little broken. I did make some bookmarks, which is kind of my favorite thing the past two-three years. They're small, don't take much time, and I really enjoy personalizing them and giving them as birthday and special occasion remembrances.

This year I made one for each of my oldest three daughters. My youngest daughter's birthday had already passed when I had the idea, so hers is coming next year. I find bookmarks for guys a little trickier somehow, so my son's is still in the offing, too.

I got out my calligraphy stuff last May and enjoyed practicing and piddling with it for a few weeks, so I used my lovely brush markers for their names. When they were small, I had a plaque in each of their rooms with their name and the meaning of their name on it. Name meanings are important.

Number One is the picture of diligence. So faithful, so steadfast, such a strong woman of conviction. Her favorite book is The Count Of Monte Cristo

Number Three is truly a "Bright One". Brings light and love and laughter everywhere she goes. She loves gems and sparkles (like me!), so I created some tangled gems for hers.

Number Two is our darling peacemaker. She was the middle child for seven years until Number Four came along. Middle children learn a lot about getting along. Such a precious, tender heart...but more grit and determination than can be measured. Her great love is horses. These last two were my first foray into tangling with just pencil, for a lighter, ethereal look. Kind of cool.

Thanks for bearing with me over these dry years. You're my kindred spirits. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dynamic Duo

I rarely submit anything to the Diva's Challenge, but this week it definitely called my name. Auraknot and Mooka are two of my favorite tangles. I decided to do a quick one, and I also decided to (gasp) use my 2013 "Tangle A Day" calendar that I've had over a year and...not tangled a day.

So here's a hearty shout out to my lovely friend and talented creator and author of the "Tangle A Day" calendar...CAROLE OHL of Open Seed Arts! Thanks, Carole, for such a lovely book, such lovely paper, such lovely Zentangle art. You're the best!

So, without further ado, here is my duo tangle featuring Auraknot and Mooka!

Thanks, to the Diva herself, Laura Harms, for this great combination!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Know When To Hold 'Em & Know When To...Trade 'Em!

I am participating in a Zentangle® ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap with 110 other Certified Zentangle Teachers from around the world! The swap was the brain child of CZT Sharon Lynn Payne, who also facilitated the group and made it happen. It was her idea for all the CZT's to create a "deck" of ATC's - 52 tiny, original, works of Zentangle art! So we all made 53 (one extra to be sent to Rick & Maria) cards over the course of the past five months.

One would think that five months to create fifty-three 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" Zentangle drawings wouldn't be that big of a deal...but, as I am wont to do, I procrastinated and found myself frantically drawing the last 25cards in the last seven days before the March 26 deadline.

It was a fun experience though, getting to know so many other CZT's and learning from their work in our Facebook Group that Sharon created. Many thanks and kudos to you Sharon, and all my ATC buddies! Can't wait to receive my deck of 52 from 52  of you! ♥

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Did It Again

I've entered a tile in the Diva's Weekly Challenge. It is her 155th Challenge, but only my third time to venture out of my comfort zone and enter my work. You can see my two previous entries here and here...and you'll also see why I don't enter the challenges often! I always read (and love) Laura's posts, but there are SO MANY incredibly talented Zentangle artists out there, that I usually just enjoy looking at everyone elses' entries. Not today. Today, I loved her notion of leaving empty space in the tile, so I gave it a shot.

Betweed, Mooka, Hibred, Aquafleur

This is also my first time to use Aquafleur (in public)! I've been wanting to try it since its debut from Rick and Maria in their Jaunary 19 newsletter, and finally did. I did a practice monotangle tile a couple of days ago, and liked it so much, that I've been playing with it in my bookmarks.  Here's my practice tile:

Here are the bookmarks with a little Aquafleur:

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